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is a search engine platform for your business. It is fast, customizable and reliable for all kinds of search use cases. Whether you are ecommerce, publisher, content creator, blogger, AltoShift helps your users to have great search experience in your site.

Discovery engine

Turn visitors into loyal customers, increase sales and conversions and help your customers get relevant results when they search your ecommerce store. Increase user engagement and page views, help your readers discover the content they are looking for in your site

Why our product is awesome
Handle typos and spelling mistakes
Simple integration
HIt is easy to integrate our search with your platform
Search result curation
Create lists of custom search result
Understand the search intention of your users and know what they want
Custom ranking
Control and arrange the search result ranking
Synonyms and related terms
Create list of words that have the same meaning
Fast backend
Fast search to enhance your search experience
Powerful API and support libraries
Search suggestion
Lead to the content your users are looking for by suggesting search keywords as they type
Smart search engine platform for personalized search results

Deliver the same great
search experience for
mobile & tablet users

AltoShift will show the best search results
on mobile and tablets as well

Get actionable insight

Know what your customers want, understand the search intent of your customers with our insightful analytics

AltoShift is very friendly with CMS like
your own platform

Really easy to use

You don’t need extra developers to install our widget
Our plugin takes only 2 minutes to install.
No programming knowledge required.

1. creating account in
our system
2. install the
appropriate plugin
3. use searching
OR you can use our powerful API
if you have your own platform
  • create account in our system
  • upload your data using our API
  • use searching

What you will have
after installing AltoShift

  • Actionable insight
  • Great search experience
  • Increased user engagement
  • More relevant search result for your users

You will increase your conversion rate

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