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Site Search Advantages

Customized internal site search helps you stay competitive by providing a business-customized search engine to connect users to site content or product catalogs in a fast and relevant way. Using custom site search, companies can test, adjust, and iterate search and UX to ensure that it is always the user's top priority. Custom internal site search is a key feature to achieve business goals and a smooth customer experience. And Altoshift is one of the best companies which provides customized internal searches.

How does internal search benefit customers?

Custom site search promotes traditional search to provide users with feedback and a satisfying experience. Every website visitor has many benefits:

Reduce friction in the search experience

Custom internal search can simplify and improve search efficiency. Most modern websites and applications are flooded with information in multiple formats, organized in various ways in different microsites and subdomains.

Even if your website is well organized, most website or application users don’t know your layout, and many people won’t spend a lot of time figuring it out. In fact, according to a Forrester Research survey, 43% of website visitors will immediately enter the internal search bar when opening the website. Therefore, proper optimization and relevant search functions are the fastest way to connect them to the desired content. In this way, you can use Altoshift to make your on-site search engine most efficient and effective.

Provide better relevance for each query

Unfortunately, users often encounter a lot of vague or off-target search results, with too few results, or in some cases no results at all. If you do not consider user profiles and customer and industry expectations when implementing a search engine, search will be affected and your website visitors will notice. When customers experience a bad search experience, they will remember it.

Customized internal site search eliminates the pain points of these customers by providing relevant results to users. Altoshift can provide you the best customized on-site search engine which you can use as e-commerce tools to boost your sales.

Improve user experience for website visitors

For users, there is nothing worse than a long list of results without priority. With custom searches, companies can highlight search results to help users understand why certain results are returned. They can also use facets and filters to build intuitive interfaces for complex searches, and extract content from different areas of the website to simplify the number of searches users need to complete.

However, in addition to trading experience, website search can do much more than guide customers to convert quickly. When visitors query a truly optimized, customized internal site search, they should be happy to discover or even know the content or product they need. You can configure related products and content, seasonal products, or products to be promoted by the company to display them in the search results of certain queries, thereby driving users to further interact with the products or content on your website.

How does internal site search benefit the business?

It is not only users who benefit from customized site search. In a world where users have high expectations for search experience, providing powerful search functions is a key way to stay competitive. After all, the more successful users searching for you, the more successful your business.

Custom internal search can also help solve key challenges facing the company:

Discover customer intent

One of these challenges is the lack of knowledge or understanding of customer needs due to lack of data about their interests. The custom internal site search function allows companies to directly access this information. In fact, when needed, consumers often turn to search, expecting an instant, frictionless experience. These "moments now" provide you with the best opportunity to connect with your customers and understand their intentions, because every search generates actionable, analyzable data. Through search, companies can directly access what their users are looking for at a specific time and can discover strategic insights. And you can use Altoshift to discover customer intent in very efficient way.

Improve content discovery capabilities

Another challenge is content discoverability. As the website develops, finding specific content becomes more challenging. Through website search, certain pages, products or information may be easier to find than the website navigation itself.

Custom site search can help you make all content discoverable. No matter how many pages or documents there are on your site, as long as it is properly organized and indexed, your site search can resolve all pages or documents. Customized internal site search tools equipped with a federated search interface are particularly effective because they can be searched in multiple separate indexes at the same time.

In this way, internal search maximizes the chance that search provides customers with relevant results without your effort. Through extension, it can increase the conversion rate. With a custom search, you can also display featured products or related information to users who may not find it elsewhere.

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