Altoshift Synonym Feature

Altoshift Synonym Feature

Over the years, synonyms have played very different roles in search engine optimization. They were previously avoided, but now synonyms have become a powerful tool for SEO marketers. Synonyms Used to Be Different Keywords A few years ago, search engines understood words very literally. At that time, the algorithm was not very smart, and synonyms were not automatically perceptible. Humans must enter the most common synonyms to get an algorithm that searches all possibilities.

Content marketers understand that in order to rank for specific keywords, you should never use synonyms, because they will dilute the existence of the main keywords. Therefore, if you want to rank the Spanish TV Guide, you can avoid using the Spanish TV list within the page. Instead, you will create another page rank for this particular variant. The problem with so many pages that target so many synonyms is that the content from one page to another is almost the same.

The smartest people (but the laziest people) use some text trimmers to organize paragraphs, but in general, the content is thin. The same is true for the anchor text of backlinks. SEO experts recommend sticking to the main form of keywords and seldom using synonyms. Now, this will take you directly into a brick wall that may be fined by SEO. But a few years ago, if you wrote an article ranking about SEO synonyms, although both formats convey exactly the same meaning, you would avoid using anchor links (such as synonyms) in search engine optimization.

The Importance of Synonym

Why Most SEOs Tell You to Use Synonyms? Most SEOs will tell you that you should use synonyms in your content because this is what Google says, or this is a best practice for SEO. However, not many people will tell you the history of using synonyms. In 2010, Google’s official blog say that: "The goal of search engines is to return the best results for your search, and understanding language is essential to return the best results. One of the key parts is our system of understanding synonyms." Later on, in September 2018, when Google’s search contact Danny Sullivan tweeted: "This is a review of a major change in search, but it's still important: understanding synonyms. The way people search is often different from what people write about solutions." This makes the entire industry more frantically optimizing websites with synonyms.

Synonym Feature in Site Search Engine

Today, Site Search Engines Understand Synonyms In the past few years, site search engines have greatly improved their quick understanding of unstructured text content. Natural language processing technology is booming, and several algorithms have helped to automatically understand words in their context. What follows is the ability to group words that appear in similar contexts, and use latent semantic analysis or word embedding to automatically detect synonyms Take advantage of synonyms in SEO by using variations of core keywords throughout the article and in the anchor text. And if you are looking for a tool which provides you the most efficient on-site search engine with fully effective synonyms, then Altoshift is best in this way.

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